Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lake Discussion and Wavefield

A concept for combining interviews about personal subject matter and abstract video performance. University of Michigan Art & Design 2010

Studio Practice

I've wanted to add more documentation photos to the blog, and here is an image of the present state of my studio. Today, I'm working on generating ideas through drawing and brainstorming. The purpose of the work is to prepare for creating the "final" images that will be exhibited in April. I've done some good searching and experimenting last semester, and in the next month I will use those ideas to create more refined video pieces.

Also, I'm brainstorming the latest round of interviews for my project. My professors may remember that I had planned to combine my visual/metaphorical images with spoken interviews. I still plan to do this, but my biggest concern is putting these two very different types of artistic video together. So far, I'm planning to interview my past mentors in an effort to explore general teaching practices that can be related to the act of critiquing one's past. I apologize if this seems hazy now, but I'll post a sample video of my desired effect later this week.