Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A talk on your prof's performance

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that I will be giving a talk tomorrow on my performance about Jewish blackface minstrelsy in the US and the Catskills Mountains Resorts in NY (aka the "Borscht Belt").

Here's the deets

"Routine: The Blackface of the Borscht Belt"
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
12 noon
4701 Haven Hall, CAAS Conference Room

If you're free, I'd love to have you there!
drawing lace ...strange practice in principal and action...tangent from collograph prints of embroidery...interested in exploring 're-creating' pattern through drawing and printmaking...cultivate a sense of volume, warp and structure...
referring to D'Arcy Thompson and Phillip Ball for inspiration and information on implicit pattern, natural formation, etc. ...think there is an important reflexiveness between natural and cultivated patterns...perhaps this relates back to the Wunderkammer themes that seemed to have infiltrated my consciousness
weaving this afternoon...working on a felted Shibori piece.

D'Arcy Thompson



shibori piece by Constance Rose (right)

tissue sample (left)

crocheted lace bacterial growth

One man's junk is another man's treasure

I bought a goblet, a fog machine, and a giant bag of toys/figurines. I had no idea who I was until I thought back to a friend's mother. She was an avid "collector" of dolls who had turned her hobby into a hoarding addiction. Along with her dolls she also holds onto random things she thinks she will need later and small treasures, each holding a certain memory.

I thought to myself, my person is a obsessive compulsive hoarder and each of my toys has a specific part of me in it. I can't let go of these toys for this reason. If I did, I would be throwing away a piece of myself.

I am caught in a cycle of disgust for the clutter in my home, having the inability to part with pieces that I believe to have relationships with, and purchasing more things that I find connections with.

Maybe, I have poor relationships with people and am extremely introverted. My closest relationship is with my things. I am taking the easy way out, avoiding rejection by forming bonds with objects that can never reject me.

I am middle aged. I have the potential and ability to save myself from this harmful cycle, but who knows if I can overcome my addiction, my crutch.

I know that many hoarders believe that hoarding is much more than collecting useless junk. Many live by the saying, "One man's junk is another man's treasure."

To make this into more of a project and to complex my person, I decided to take inventory of my toys (because my obsessive compulsive hoarder must know always how much and how many memories she has):

1 Green Disney game character with stretchy mouth
1 Hog/Bat in trenchcoat with light up birdhouse
4 Dinosaur figurines
1 Plastic skeleton
2 Horses (1 with starry butt, 1 golden sandie)
3 Frogs (1 that squeeks)
1 Anteater
1 Tiny gray monkey
1 Tiny lion
1 Toddler turtle
1 Glow in the dark centipede
1 Fish clip
4 Lizards
1 Shrek baby
1 Shaman figurine
1 Rhinoceros beetle
1 Green M&M figurine
1 Buzzing fly
3 Scorpions
1 Measuring tape dog
1 Disney Princess Snow White
1 Barbie figurine
2 Miscellaneous bug clips
1 Rubber bat
1 Praying mantas
3 Black rats
2 Moose
1 Giant ant
1 Scared pirate
1 Rubber ducky
7 Arachnids
13 Snakes

Snakes 13 and counting.

Everyday, twice a day my character takes inventory of her "collection." As she collects more she adds to her list, causing this task to take up more time in her day and slowly she loses her connection to a world outside of her "things."

Sunday, September 20, 2009

So... My persona - An optimistic Beanie Baby collector. 

I'm sure we have all bought a few beanie babies in our day. Maybe even bought some tag protectors for the ones we really liked! But me.... I'm going to make a fortune of these little stuffed bags of joy some day... All my BB's are in mint condition kept in an air tight official 'ty' protective case along with official 'ty' tag guards. I have every bear that has ever come out and I am going to continue to collect them until I can cash 'em in and retire. 

I don't even like the little devils.... In fact I'm running out of space to store them all in my basement. But i know it will all pay off someday... and ill be rich! :) 

Right now my primary investment is in Beanie Babies, but i do dabble in Pokemon cards and various types of blades from the Home Shopping Network. If you ever need a hard to get BB you know who to call!! (but its gona cost ya) 


I spent some time thinking in the studio about what type of artwork I would like create and all I could think about is how I don't want to save or keep anything... I want to sell it! I came to realize that my possession of these beanie babies is purely for monetary purposes and I have no emotional attachment to them. The only object that I truly love is money!! I will do anything for it! Greed consumes me! ! ! therefore my goal is to use the concept of "Art" to make worthless junk grow exponentially in value over night. I shall collect items tossed aside by those foolish enough not to see the potential in them and turn them into my own money making masterpieces!

Studio? Log? One?

So lets talk about this Value World alter-ego project. To be honest, I was a little put off with the notion of playing the part of someone else in the context of IP work (I might still feel this way). My initial plan was to make my own work and chuck in my Value World Mace just to cover my bases. This all changed when Michael visited me in the studio and wanted to speak with the person who owned the mace. Evan did not truly fit this qualification.

I decided to go find that person. The key was the weapon of course. Who would use an object that appears menacing, but in reality is completely harmless? I decided on a professional wrestler with some Feudalistic flare from the 1980s. In this way Evan's alter ego-> the wrestler Ronald, would have his own alter ego->'Medieval Justice', who would be the person using the mace.

I wrote a short biography as an artist statement and made some work to go along with it.

To be clear...Ronald wont be an impressive artist to you---even though in his universe he is a visionary, and a genius.

Can't wait to share

-Evan M

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

80's jumpsuits

During today’s studio time I was focused on trying to get into the mindset of the person who wears the 80’s jumpsuit. It started off slow, but as I stared at the jumpsuit, now hanging on my wall, I started to get a few ideas. My first idea was that the woman who would wear this jumpsuit would be into making clothing that represent the fashion of the late 80’s. As I started researching the fashion of that time though, I got an inspiring idea, as this woman, to make a set of jewelry pieces inspired by my outfit and geometry. Usually, my artwork is not so geometric and composed of simple forms, but the jumpsuit woman started to take over and ideas started flowing. First, I started sketching and writing down words that related to the fashion of the 80’s. I then proceeded to the metals studio and began my first piece as “jumpsuit woman”. I actually quite enjoyed working as “someone else” and straying away from the typical stuff that I do. I started realizing how similar much of my previous work is and this project made me want to start searching for new ideas and design aesthetic. I know I will not continue this project for much longer (only for the week), but the sketches I have come up with have got me rethinking other projects, and I believe for the better.

Studio Log 1

Okay everybody come close. There is a bit of cussing in the post but my adopted persona demands it.

My studio time today was first spent trying to feel out my persona and figure out how to use the object I chose to my advantage. As you might remember, I bought this pretty absurd fur and leather bag (real), which pretty much grossed me out. I told Danielle that I felt like an über-bitch just carrying it around Value World. So therefore, I am to be an über-bitch in the studio. I was thinking about it during the break between IP classes and the best features of being an über-bitch are:
1. Being completely unapologetic.

2. Okay, I don't know if this is 100% accurate for all you bitches out there, but I'm just going to say that bitches are organized, if for only the sole reason that they have to keep track of who needs bitching out from one day to the next. So, organized I will be.

3. Being demanding. Of myself and others. (This means that if I need help or information, I'll actually ask for it.)

So, in trying to adopt my new persona I bitched Michael all the way out of my studio (sorry Michael :(! Oh shoot shoot, I mean I'm notsorry) I must've been pretty bitchy because he didn't come back.

So after all of this soul-searching, I got to work. I finished sculpting the base of my first marionette--the hands and feet were the only things left to get on the basic form, and so now it needs sanding and painting. I also typed up my one-page description of my project, sent it in, and started sketching ideas for the overall form of my puppet installation. The details are kind of daunting, but for right now I'm just focusing on the overall idea and I'll hone in from there. I also got some books from the library about puppets and marionettes, and they have some great images in there. I also found on mirlyn that the university has what they call a "yearbook" of international marionettes in the Buhr Shelving facility, which is apparently a yearly journal showcasing different designs of old marionettes. The years they have are all in the 30s and 40s, so it should be pretty interesting to see marionettes from so long ago. I've requested them, so I should have them in a few days if anyone is interested in looking at them.

I'm going to go read In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust, because I'm convinced it's going to influence my project in some way. "Proustian Memory" is another phrase for "involuntary memory", which was coined by Proust to describe memories that aren't actively sought after. Okay off I go.



Today, I am utilizing my time in the studio as effectively as possible. First, by emailing my who what where why and hows to ip03pro, followed by brainstorming. At Value World, I accumulated a Girl Scouts of USA sash, a piece of cloth as well as a jersey. The sash is significant in the sense that I use to do pageants and my mother was a brownie. The jersey signifies the fact that I can be quite careless at times, often signifying the acts of a child. Although it's not reversible, most jerseys are, showing flexibility. In the art school you cannot afford not to be flexible. 

Flexible: ready and able to change so as to adapt to different circumstances
^ basically what I intend to face throughout IP

Katie's First Post

I've been thinking a lot about this piece by Yives Klein. It's a series of works called Anthropometries and is this strange (and amazing) mix of a performance piece, a painting, a photograph and a concert (he hired an ensemble to play his piece called The Monotone Symphony, which consisted of a 20 minute chord followed by 20 minutes of silence.) Amazing!

J.S.G. Boggs



this is a test.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Best Answer

I could not resist posting this Robert Crumb video in response to various conversations today dealing with 'ideas and concepts'. In the first moments of the film the interviewer asks Crumb what he is trying to get at with his work. Crumb responds with music to my ears::: 'Jesus, uuuh I don't know'. While Crumb's manner of speaking is difficult to follow at times, his message might be refreshing to some. It is ok to work with no sense of direction---you will know where you are when you get there.

If you want to watch the whole video, I might recommend the 2:47 mark---POWERFUL SHAPELY LEGS


-Evan M.

In consideration for choosing studio palette..


Against the Grain....of the walls
When the Fontenay house was in readiness, fitted up by an architect according to his plans, when all that remained was to determine the color scheme, he again devoted himself to long speculations.
He declared the truth of a theory which had almost mathematical correctness- the theory that harmony exist between the sensual nature of a truly artistic individual and the color which most vividly impresses him.
Disregarding entirely the generality of men whose gross retinas are capable or perceiving neither the cadence peculiar to each color nor the mysterious charm of their nuances of light and shade; ignoring the bourgeoisie, whose eyes are insensible to the pomp and splendor of strong, vibrant tones; and devoting himself only to the people with sensitive pupils, refined by literature and art, he was convinced that the eyes of those among them who dream of the ideal and demand illusions are generally caressed by blue and its derivatives, mauve lilac and pearl grey, provided always that these colors remain soft and do not overstep the bounds where they lose their personalities by being transformed into pure violets and frank grey.
Those persons, on the contrary, who are energetic and incisive, the plethoric, red-blooded, strong males who fling themselves unthinkingly into the affair of the moment, generally delight in the bold gleams of yellows and reds, the clashing cymbals or vermilions and chromes that blind and intoxicated them.  
But the eyes of the enfeebled and nervous persons whose sensual appetites crave highly seasoned foods, the eyes of hectic and overexcited creatures have a predilection toward that irritating and morbid color with its fictitious splendors, its acid fevers-orange. 

Sunday, September 13, 2009

it's pronounced ash-lee

I found this online today.

photo by Alex Brown

Greetings from Kelsey...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Heather Ziegenmeyer


I...I was shamed into not posting pictures of my kitten, so I won't. Enquire within studio 15e for a detailed account of her life through photo documentation.

I have been really into marionettes and automatons over the summer (Jenna, wanna be puppet pals? I think I was looking at that puppet theater on the web at which you interned. I bet it was great!) I dabbled in marionettes in an independent study this past year.

If the thought of dolls moving around creeps you out, these videos might not be for you:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Woo Design!


Hello Ipsters (i get it :p)
There are some beautiful images posted! I thought I'd add a few more with these great information graphics. Its kinda what I've been very interested this whole summer.

- Eileen

redon/tanguy parallelism:

and everyone's favorite jam ca. 1999 (for evan):

Push it to the limit

I feel obligated to match Jack's furious pace::: We must saturate this internet with our lives

Alice Neel

Ferdinand Hodler (a personal favorite)

-Evan M


boschy baby

hi <3

two matta ditties


Evan McLaughlinMcLaughlinMcLaughlin

Hello Hello everyone. Consider this my formal blog introduction.

Attached is a Kokoschka portrait I fancy--just thought I would test the upload. I feel like the more images we can freshly squeeze into this blog the better. So here we go ok start yeah yeah yeah

-Evan M

Pat Connor first post

Hello all, my name is Pat Connor, and it was great to meet you all today! A fun fact about me is that I have four names, and Pat is one of my middle names! Joseph Patrick Wesley Connor.