Wednesday, September 16, 2009

80's jumpsuits

During today’s studio time I was focused on trying to get into the mindset of the person who wears the 80’s jumpsuit. It started off slow, but as I stared at the jumpsuit, now hanging on my wall, I started to get a few ideas. My first idea was that the woman who would wear this jumpsuit would be into making clothing that represent the fashion of the late 80’s. As I started researching the fashion of that time though, I got an inspiring idea, as this woman, to make a set of jewelry pieces inspired by my outfit and geometry. Usually, my artwork is not so geometric and composed of simple forms, but the jumpsuit woman started to take over and ideas started flowing. First, I started sketching and writing down words that related to the fashion of the 80’s. I then proceeded to the metals studio and began my first piece as “jumpsuit woman”. I actually quite enjoyed working as “someone else” and straying away from the typical stuff that I do. I started realizing how similar much of my previous work is and this project made me want to start searching for new ideas and design aesthetic. I know I will not continue this project for much longer (only for the week), but the sketches I have come up with have got me rethinking other projects, and I believe for the better.

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