Sunday, September 20, 2009

Studio? Log? One?

So lets talk about this Value World alter-ego project. To be honest, I was a little put off with the notion of playing the part of someone else in the context of IP work (I might still feel this way). My initial plan was to make my own work and chuck in my Value World Mace just to cover my bases. This all changed when Michael visited me in the studio and wanted to speak with the person who owned the mace. Evan did not truly fit this qualification.

I decided to go find that person. The key was the weapon of course. Who would use an object that appears menacing, but in reality is completely harmless? I decided on a professional wrestler with some Feudalistic flare from the 1980s. In this way Evan's alter ego-> the wrestler Ronald, would have his own alter ego->'Medieval Justice', who would be the person using the mace.

I wrote a short biography as an artist statement and made some work to go along with it.

To be clear...Ronald wont be an impressive artist to you---even though in his universe he is a visionary, and a genius.

Can't wait to share

-Evan M

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