Sunday, September 20, 2009

So... My persona - An optimistic Beanie Baby collector. 

I'm sure we have all bought a few beanie babies in our day. Maybe even bought some tag protectors for the ones we really liked! But me.... I'm going to make a fortune of these little stuffed bags of joy some day... All my BB's are in mint condition kept in an air tight official 'ty' protective case along with official 'ty' tag guards. I have every bear that has ever come out and I am going to continue to collect them until I can cash 'em in and retire. 

I don't even like the little devils.... In fact I'm running out of space to store them all in my basement. But i know it will all pay off someday... and ill be rich! :) 

Right now my primary investment is in Beanie Babies, but i do dabble in Pokemon cards and various types of blades from the Home Shopping Network. If you ever need a hard to get BB you know who to call!! (but its gona cost ya) 


I spent some time thinking in the studio about what type of artwork I would like create and all I could think about is how I don't want to save or keep anything... I want to sell it! I came to realize that my possession of these beanie babies is purely for monetary purposes and I have no emotional attachment to them. The only object that I truly love is money!! I will do anything for it! Greed consumes me! ! ! therefore my goal is to use the concept of "Art" to make worthless junk grow exponentially in value over night. I shall collect items tossed aside by those foolish enough not to see the potential in them and turn them into my own money making masterpieces!

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