Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The D

I just wanted to quickly post in regards to our Detroit adventure. In speaking with students from other IP sections, there seems to be a universal message of admiration for the degree to which our section is functioning as a group--I think this point is worth elaborating on. Even though we may already know each other from years past, I believe that events like the trip to Detroit help establish a common bond in the environment of IP that will be highly beneficial as we rely on group feedback for our projects moving forward.

On a personal level, I really enjoyed both Michael's show, and the soup kitchen/Earth Works experience. One notable point for me was the emotional transition that took place when we switched from gallery space to soup kitchen. For me this meant moving from a comfortable setting to an unfamiliar one. I was pleasantly suprised how comfortable the soup kitchen became however, once we moved in and started communicating/sharing the space.

Evan M.

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